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Accidental Insurance

Women with arm in a cast.

Life can bring unexpected problems, such as an injury accident. You may have health insurance but could face serious financial losses if you suffer an accidental injury. This type of insurance can be a lifesaver, as it pays many out-of-pocket costs incurred, based on the terms of the policy:

  • Emergency medical treatment.
  • Hospital costs.
  • Medical tests and exams.
  • Transportation costs.
  • Accommodations.

How Accidental Insurance Works

Accidental insurance is typically affordable. Just like other insurance policies, you will pay a monthly premium. The coverage and premium costs vary based on the policy and the insurance company. Always work with an insurance professional to select an appropriate policy, as they vary in what they cover.

What Accidental Insurance Covers

These policies cover injuries listed as “qualified,” which may be broken limbs, accidental amputations, lacerations, or injuries that led to paralysis. Speak with your insurance agent to understand which injuries are listed as “qualifying.” If you suffer a qualifying injury, your accident insurance will issue a check to you directly. These policies also pay your named beneficiaries if you do not survive the accident.

An accidental insurance policy can work as a supplement to your health insurance, covering the out-of-pocket expenses of your deductible and copay requirements. If you cannot work, some policies will cover your mortgage payments, rent, utility bills, and other expenses.

An Extra Layer of Protection

An injury accident can have serious physical and financial consequences. Depending on the policy, you will receive a lump sum payment if you have a qualifying injury. Health insurance is expensive, and most people have a fairly high deductible. Accident insurance policies help you make it through the tough times by paying for the additional expenses that are not covered by your health insurance or disability insurance coverage.

An accident can happen to anyone at any time. Planning for the unexpected by putting accident insurance in place can be a wise decision. Contact us to discuss your options and which policy best suits you and your family.

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